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Meet the 2022 Hoop Queen Candidates

The 2022 Hoop Queen Candidates of Willow Springs High School walked onto the court Friday, Feb. 11 to find out who would win this year’s crown. 
One of the candidates is Cailey Green, 18, the daughter of Brandon Green and Tina Espinosa. Cailey has lived in Willow Springs her entire life and currently works at Town & Country. Cailey’s favorite part of high school was her trip to Indianapolis for the national FFA convention. After high school, she plans to attend  MSU West Plains, eventually mastering in social work. It wasn't important to Cailey that she win, she said in an interview, but she has always wanted to be crowned Hoop Queen. Cailey wants to be remembered in high school for always having a good impact on others. 
Connar Lowe, 18, the daughter of Libby and Jimmy Lowe, lived in Mountain View, until Connar’s freshman year of high school, when she moved to Willow Springs. She wants to be remembered as a very hard worker and someone who makes people laugh on their hardest days, she told Howell County News. Connar’s favorite part of high school has been playing volleyball for the Bears and making new friends. After Connar graduates, she plans to attend MSU West Plains for her first two years of college and then transfer to a 4-year college. She is currently undecided on exactly what she wants to do. She hoped to win Hoop Queen to show younger girls that their dreams are never out of reach. 
This year’s Hoop Queen was Chloe Chafin. The daughter of Philip and Gayla Chafin, Chloe has lived in Willow Springs and gone to Willow Springs Schools for her entire education. Right now, Chloe works at McDonald’s in Willow Springs. After she graduates, Chloe plans to attend MSU West Plains to pursue a degree in education with an eventual goal of school administration. She said her favorite part of high school has been all of the sports and extracurricular clubs she has been in, seeing herself grow as a person, and all of the new friendships she has made. Chloe wanted to win because she thinks that it would feel amazing to have had her high school peers vote for her as their Hoop Queen. She wants to be remembered as someone who was always a good friend, kind to all, and very easy to talk to.
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