Moment in the Word

Exodus 20:3  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
During the country's recent unrest, I was confronted by an odd scene
photographed on the streets of New York City. A metal barricade, manned by
police, encircled the Raging Bull Monument in front of the New York Stock
Exchange. This giant statue, which mysteriously appeared on Wall Street -
December 15, 1989, represents a booming financial cycle in our economic
Oddly enough, Civil War Monuments, World War I Monuments, World War II
Monuments, Vietnam War Monuments, monuments to our Founding Fathers, private
family monuments in the nation's cemeteries... all honoring our forebears'
legacy of love and commitment; DO NOT receive the same attention and
protection as America's monolithic Golden Calf! To the contrary! Vandalism of
national symbols has actually become the vogue for a criminally uneducated
element of this rebellious “woke” generation.
Ironically, the photo starkly portrays what is most important in modern
America! From top to bottom... from Wall Street Magnate to Welfare recipient,
everything is currently subject to be sacrificed except for currency! When
society's god - the Almighty Dollar is threatened, no amount of diligence is
too excessive in our devoted adoration!
Think about who we have become as a people while remembering what the
Sovereign Lord said, "I will have NO OTHER gods before me!"
The time has long passed when America should have singularly returned to the
one true God, for judgment is at hand!

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