“A Firewall” Between Missourians And A Socialist Agenda

At his campaign event at The Venue in West Plains on October 28, Governor Parson reiterated one theme throughout his speech: this election is the most contentious election cycle resulting in the most divided America in his lifetime.
The governor said, “This election is about two things: socialism versus freedom.”
He went on to refer to the infamous statement Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris made during her failed bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in which she pledged to take executive action if Congress did not pass stronger gun control laws within her first 100 days in office. 
Parson retorted to an applauding crowd, “Not in Missouri, she’s not. That’s not gonna happen.”
In an exclusive interview after the event, Howell County News asked the governor to expand on this idea, asking for the concrete steps he would take to shield Missourians from the policies of a Democratic White House, if the general election were to go blue.
“Oh, I don’t think there is any question, we work on that every day,” Parson began. “I think the governors are the firewall from the U.S. Government. If things would change there, and you get into a socialist agenda, you’re gonna have to stand up [to] that.”
“I think that’s why experience matters when you serve this country in the military, when you’ve been a sheriff, when you’ve been a business owner, when you’re a farmer. You realize the importance of what it is.  At this point in my career, you stand up against those things.”
“We are not going to let socialists come in here and regulate us to death here in the state of Missouri and take away our freedoms. I’m gonna stand up for that every day. That’s why the states are so important in this country and why we gotta make sure they’re the ones that should be first in line, not the Federal government, because we represent the people.”
Parson faced Democrat Nicole Galloway in Tuesday’s general election. See the next edition for national, state, and local election results.
by Amanda Mendez, publisher

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