A 17-Year Tradition of Supporting Troops

From a tradition that started in 2003 with a small favor for a family friend, Kevin Falkner and the community of West Plains have rallied together to provide aid and appreciation to active duty troops for seventeen years. As Falkner said, “We are here to serve those who serve, to be able to brighten someone’s Christmas from around the world because it’s not about us. It’s about them”.
With supplies ranging from snacks and comfort food to batteries and quilts, every need is met because of those who donate.
Falkner recalled their most successful year in 2007, “We had enough donated supplies to fill a Chinook helicopter”.
With donations containing not only supplies, but personal touches as well. Each box of supplies comes with the comfort of a Christmas card, some written by the local school students and businesses with a personalized thanks to those who serve. Falkner also commented, “Even small things can make a large impact on those who receive them. Even years down the line we receive thank you’s from the troops we’ve donated to, and knowing that we were able to do something for them in an impactful way is what makes everything worth it”.
The Battery Station is located at 303 Washington Ave in downtown West Plains. Donations are still being accepted. The first of three shipments will be sent on December 4.

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