City of Mountain View Finalizes Budget

     The Mountain View City Council passed an operating budget for the current fiscal year at a meeting on June 22. Though the Board of Aldermen were able to pass a budget, there was an emphasis on reducing planned spending in order to maintain a reasonable general fund. 
     At the June 14 budget meeting, the council outlined budgetary needs for city departments. The police department will have repairs to a motor on a 2013 Dodge to save money compared to the original request of a replacement of the motor. The police department’s ammunition budget request was also cut in half, and a request for new firearms was denied. The department will get funding for new training handcuffs as well as new radios and radio repeater in patrol cars. 
     New computers will be purchased for the public library and City Court. Gravel will be purchased for driving paths at the City Cemetery, and a new air conditioning unit will be purchased for the Senior Center. Other equipment requests included a used truck for the city’s mechanic shop, new mowers and irrigation equipment for the golf course,and a mini excavator for the electric department.
     With a general fund of roughly $25,000, the council saw a pressing need to further reduce the budget. Though the fire department had funding requests of more than $98,000, the council approved only new turnout gear and additional equipment totaling approximately $12,500. The wastewater treatment plant will wait until 2021 for a new sludge truck and will seek grants for additional equipment. Those savings bring the City’s general fund to $77,609.52.

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