Driver Crashes into Police Car in Willow Springs

Officer Travis Weaver of the Willow Springs Police Department was involved in a motor vehicle collision after a subject rammed his police cruiser on the evening of August 14. Though the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Troop G is taking the lead on the investigation, Police Chief Bryan Hogan gave an interview to Howell County News to detail the facts of the crash. 
Officer Weaver observed a silver passenger car speeding on eastbound US Highway 60/63 and began a pursuit. The vehicle exited the highway at the State Route 76 exit, ran the stop sign, and attempted to elude the officer. 
The driver pulled into the parking lot of Lee’s Tire. The subject and Officer Weaver circled the building in opposite directions, meeting hood to hood behind the building. 
Chief Hogan reported Officer Weaver’s statement that the driver made eye contact with him and then swerved into the police car before driving off. 
The suspect’s vehicle became disabled in the area of Z Highway and was abandoned. Though there is no named suspect at this time, the driver is suspected to be from out of the area. 
WSPD has plans to repair the cruiser and return it to service. Officer Weaver was not injured in the crash. He was sent home from his shift, but was back on patrol the following day.
This is a developing investigation. Howell County News will report additional information as it becomes available.

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