Emergency Alerts Scaled Back

Historic Electricity Crisis Draws to a Close

Electrical grid reliability has improved significantly from the past few days which is the result of the conservation efforts by local utility customers and other pool utilities.  Grid operations at  Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) have scaled back their emergency alerts but are still closely monitoring conditions through tomorrow. 

"This cold-weather event marks the first time in history that grid operators in our area have declared an emergency alert for the entire network operating in our regions," said Willow Springs City Administrator Beverly Hicks, "It is also the first time the grid operator has had to direct distribution utilities to implement controlled, temporary service interruptions (in some areas) to prevent widespread blackouts."

Missouri Public Utility Alliance has begun the process of unpacking the financial impact on the entire state. The City expects to see "the earliest financial snapshots" of what this will mean for consumers at the beginning of next month.

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