HCSO launches performance review surveys

The Howell County Sheriff’s Office announced last week that the department will start sending surveys after “certain types of interactions with dispatchers or deputies.” The surveys will be sent via SMS text message and will feature “a few” questions about citizen satisfaction after contact with law enforcement. 
“Your feedback is extremely important to us, and we want to know how we are doing. We also want to provide the appropriate feedback to our deputies to best serve our community,” says the announcement from the sheriff’s office. 
Participation is not mandatory, and not every law enforcement contact will result in a survey. To opt out of survey participation, email PIO@howellcountysheriff.gov or call 417-256-2544.
If you intend to participate in any survey you receive, HSCO recommends adding 1-855-976-4516 to your phone’s contact list as Howell County Sheriff’s Surveys. This is the number that will appear when you receive a text survey.  It is important to note that this number cannot be used to make formal complaints or to report emergencies. To make a complaint, call 417-256-2544. To report an emergency, call 417-256-2544 or dial 911.
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