Health Department Scheduling Back-to-School Immunizations Now

Howell County Health Department is now scheduling back to school immunizations for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents are encouraged to get students scheduled now for the summer months. Waiting until the end of summer when appointment slots are already full may mean missed class time for an appointment after the start of school. They are also spacing immunization appointments out through May and June to decrease waiting room congestion.  
Students entering kindergarten will be required to be up to date on their Dtap, Polio, MMR and Varicella. Eighth graders need to have a current Tdap and Meningococcal and twelfth graders will also need a Meningococcal booster depending on the age they were with their previous dose.
For an appointment or questions regarding vaccinations or Missouri requirements, please call 417-256-7078 to speak with a nurse. Bring a current immunization record to your appointment.  If you live in the Mountain View or Willow Springs area, ask about our satellite immunization clinics in those communities.

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