Mountain View Municipal Golf Course Enters New Lease

The Mountain View City Golf Course will have access to new equipment after the Board of Aldermen voted on September 13 to switch lease agreement companies on September 13. The City’s current lease with Turf Works will expire in November and requires a monthly payment of $1,100.00. Entering the new lease agreement with Toro would result in the city gaining four newer pieces of equipment including a greens mower and pro-force debris blower, Mayor Donnie Pruett advised Council. This lease would require a monthly payment of $1,344.21 for four years and $555.80 for an additional year. At the end of the lease agreement with Toro, the equipment could be purchased for $1. Alderman Punkie Stevenson expressed that the city already has money budgeted for the golf course and that this new lease would result in no additional cost to the city. All present were voted in favor of the switch.

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