Mtn. View City Council Holds Special Session

The Mountain View City Council met in special session on Wednesday, September 1 to vote on the proposed $0.00 dollar city personal property tax levy. This second vote was a procedural correction whose outcome was the same as the invalid vote that took place in July. The special session and vote were necessary after the City discovered the first vote at the last regular meeting was premature, and therefore invalid. 
A vital information packet was missing before the City Council took up the vote in July, according to the City of Mountain View. The packet includes crucial documentation as well as instructions on posting the previous year’s tax information. This tax information must be posted publicly seven days prior to the Board of Aldermen’s vote. During the first voting process in July, the previous year’s tax information had not been posted for public view. 
In the lead up to the special section, the City posted the prior year’s tax information on August 25, and the Board of Alderman met on September 1, for a revote. All members were present for the special session except Alderwoman Ellie Carson. The vote was unanimous, and the levy was duly filed with the County Clerk’s office.
Because the City cannot levy both a personal property and a sales tax, the personal property tax must be $0.00. Regardless of the timing of this vote, the impact on the tax base had to remain the same. As it stands, the City levies a sales tax of 7.67%, only 2% of which is revenue for the City. The newly passed half cent tax is not yet in effect. 
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