New Officer Safety Cameras for WSPD

Following the recent Back the Blue fundraiser in Willow Springs, the Willow Springs Police Department has purchased two new camera systems. The systems are a combined body and dashboard camera system, and they are already installed in two police vehicles thanks to Foster’s Autobody. 
The new dashcam systems have been installed in vehicles assigned to Officers Ben Bishop and John Thomas. 
“[The systems] mean a lot for officer safety, and they’re our night guys,” explained Assistant Police Chief Wes Ellison. 
With the new body cameras, the department now has almost enough cameras for every officer in the department to have one. According to Police Chief Bryan Hogan, the goal is for every officer in the department to be assigned a body camera that will be used to record all contacts with the public. 
The new systems activate automatically when patrol car lights are activated, or they can be manually activated by an officer as needed. 
With the new equipment in hand, the department is now eligible for a “small” grant from MIRMA, the City’s provider of municipal insurance. Chief Hogan says the department will be applying for this grant.
Chief Hogan thanked the organizers of the fundraising event, especially Krista Thomas, for their work on behalf of the police department.
“[Thank you to] everyone who showed up, donated, or bought a hot dog,” he said.
by Amanda Mendez, publisher


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