Special Meeting of Mtn View City Council Amends Budget

The Mountain View City Council met August 24 in a special meeting. The council considered a resolution to replace former city administrator Mike Wake as director of the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission and adjustments to the city budget. 
The council briefly discussed regulations on yard sales being held in the city, which had been tabled the last time the council met. The issue delaying the passage of yard sale regulations is how fines can be collected from those who violate the city ordinance regarding yard sales. The issue was again tabled for further discussion.
Mayor Donnie Pruett was unanimously approved to become the Director of the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission, replacing former city administrator Mike Wake. Josh Ennis will remain as the alternate director.
The council returned to budget discussions, as infrastructure costs for the electric department were found to be absent from previous drafts. Items are also needed for the city’s water department.
New water meters would prevent the need for a new handheld computer system for reading certain meters and would also save time in collecting information from meters. The funding for these items had been moved from the operational costs for utilities in the budget to administration costs for the city. The amendment would not add expenditures to the budget, but rather more properly allocate funds within the budget.
In order to make the changes to the budget, the council first had to pass a measure allowing an amendment to be made. The measure allowing an amendment passed unanimously, as well as the measure that made the changes to the budget.
The council confirmed to those present that Pioneer Days in Mountain View has been cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Coverage of the September 14 Mountain View Council Meeting will appear in the next edition of Howell County News. 

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