Well Water Testing at the Howell County Health Department

Are you curious if your well water is safe to drink? The Howell County Health Department provides kits for private well water testing. County residents may call or stop in the health department for a kit and directions on properly collecting a water sample.
Only samples collected in a testing kit from the health department will be analyzed. Water samples may be dropped off to the health department Monday through Friday by 12:00 p.m. Water testing fees are $10.00 for standard e-coli and coliform bacteria tests, if the samples are “self-drawn,” and $20 for an official test, which will be drawn by the health department.
Water test for metals, nutrients and minerals such as Iron, Lead, Uranium, Sulfate, Nitrates, pH and more can also be performed by a member of the Howell County Health Department for an additional charge. Protect yourself and your family’s health and contact us at 417-256-7078 to schedule your water test today.
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