Davis School House

We moved here from California in 1950, and I started school in a one room schoolhouse called Davis School, an old one room schoolhouse with kids from kindergarten to seniors all in one room. Then when Mom went to work in the cafeteria in Willow Springs, I got to go to school in Willow Springs. Now my teacher for those five years was a very pretty young girl. She married a young man who taught in the Willow Springs School, his name was Zimmerman. I have disliked the name of Zimmerman ever since, but I went out for basketball because he was the junior high basketball couch and I thought I could win her back?  
My first class was the fifth grade, and my teacher was in an old three-story schoolhouse and the fifth grade was on the second floor looking north. I think she was the teacher? And I thought I could win her back? So I went out for basketball. He was the couch, and number 2 was my number. It fit, huh?
That was the beginning of my basketball career in Willow Springs. I think he also was the track coach so I went out for track to impress her. That is why I was a track star my senior year. Set a couple of track records that stayed that way until they changed to meters.

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