Dear Editor,

As I watch the clown show in Washington, I can’t help but think of the millions of our forefathers, and what they would think of this spectacle. To put it bluntly, I am appalled by the Anti-American policies enacted by this Administration, and the silence of my fellow citizens.
Do my fellow citizens care about our Nation? If so they are too quiet.
I call Jason Smith and Josh Hawley on average once per week, Senator Blunt not as often, but frequently would apply. This morning I called all 3 and pointed out that none of them are protecting the Rights of American citizens. The January 6 th detainees are still in prison, many in solitary confinement. It’s hundreds of days now for those people! The Right to a fair and speedy trial is one of our Rights. The 6 th Amendment states that quite clearly in our Constitution! These men and women have had, at minimum, their Right to a fair and speedy trial ignored by the Government. That tells me our Government is not only remiss in defending that Right; they are ignoring it! Yet our fellow citizens languish in prison, in solitary confinement in many cases. I’ve told my elected Reps that they are not honoring their oaths.
They should all be resolute in their defense of the Constitution, and fighting to see it is adhered to by all parts of Government! This worries me more than Inflation, Ukraine, Russia, the Border, or any other issue facing we citizens today. You might well say “Troy, Russia has Nukes”, or “The Border is wide open” these are more important. I’d respond that those are important issues, but when our Govt begins to ignore our Constitution, I’d say we all should wake up! In my opinion, when this happens, the Govt becomes our enemy. If they get to pick and choose which Rights may be allowed, or which of us has those Rights, then they are in direct opposition to our founding Documents and need to be viewed as a Govt bordering on Tyrannical.
The current Administration has created Inflation, and I suspect that it will continue to get worse. This will have a domino effect on all sectors of the economy, and everyone except the wealthy will feel the pain.
The Border is still wide open with over an estimated 5 million illegal criminals entering our Nation due to the Biden Administration’s deliberate policy to allow and encourage this invasion. Drug Cartels are making more money because of this, and Americans are dying in record numbers from Fentanyl induced overdoses.
Ukraine? Blame the inept and ignorant Biden Administration’s support for a proxy war with Russia. Billions of dollars and weapons given to the most corrupt country in Europe. We all should hope that Russia doesn’t return the Uranium that Hillary sold them, as Atomic bombs.
Troy Galebach, Willow Springs
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