Defying the Odds

How many times do they have to get it wrong? For months, the media and pollsters have downplayed President Trump’s path to victory, and he has shown them time and again not to underestimate hard-working Americans. The President walked away election night having won Florida by three times his margin of victory in 2016. The polls in many swing states were off by up to ten percentage points. We defied the odds by picking up seats in the House of Representatives and keeping the United States Senate. At what point do the media, Washington pollsters, and leaders of the Democrat party wake up and realize they are seriously out of touch with the American people? At what point do they realize that we want all legal ballots counted so President Trump has a fair election? We want our streets free from riots and violence, we want law and order, and we want a government that stays off the backs of hardworking Americans. From the day he took office, liberal democrats started laying the groundwork to delegitimize our President and it did not stop on election day.
Regardless of the final outcome of this election, President Trump has accomplished one thing; the Republican Party is changed for the better. Thanks to President Trump, the American working class has a political party that will put their interests first - the GOP. Meanwhile, wealthy elites, globalists, and big business are fleeing to Nancy Pelosi and her out of touch Democrat party. This realignment in American politics will define our generation, and Washington Democrats would do well to recognize that spending hundreds of millions of dollars of Wall Street’s money in an attempt to unseat Republican candidates does not work anymore. The working class recognizes the Republican party puts the interests of Americans first. 
The data backs it up, too. In Stark County, Texas, where the per-capita income is $7,000, Hillary Clinton won by sixty points, compared to Biden who won the county by five points. The GOP is now the party of the working class and not just the white working class as the left would like you to think. In one of the highest turn-out elections in a century, this year, the GOP won the most non-white voters it has since 1960 after months of people trying to brand Trump as a racist. Their opposition to the radical left’s agenda to defund the police and stoke racial tensions could not be clearer. Americans of all backgrounds want law and order.
The American people have also shown they reject the radical socialist agenda being pushed by progressive Democrats. Cuban Americans, whose parents and grandparents fled a socialist government, voted for President Trump in overwhelming numbers. These Americans know our country is a land of opportunity and that embracing handouts doesn’t lift people out of poverty, and I thank them for it. All those who seek equal opportunity and the American dream will always have a home in the Republican party. 
But it’s not just the Republican base that has grown more diverse, the GOP coalition in Congress is now more diverse than it has ever been. Every single candidate that flipped a Democrat House seat is a minority, a woman, or a veteran. A remarkable achievement for a party of supposed “racists.”  
However, the most remarkable thing about President Trump and the Republican Party’s performance in the 2020 election is not how much we surpassed the expectations of the Washington elite, it’s how we did it in spite of constant sabotage from the Swamp at every turn. Nancy Pelosi has been working to delegitimize President Trump since before he took office.
When she could not succeed in impeaching him based on sham accusations, she resorted to attempts to undermine our elections process. Now, leftist Democrats are seeking to derail our election. Counting only legal votes should not be a partisan issue. More elections safeguards are clearly needed. 
Now, in terms of the outcome of this presidential election, we must wait for the courts to decide. A lot of questions remain unanswered, and President Trump is right to question whether fraud has occurred. Voters are right to raise their eyebrows at the vote dumps in Michigan and Wisconsin during the early hours of Wednesday morning that showed 100% of those votes going for Biden. I find it hard to believe that out of those 138,338 votes in Michigan that President Trump did not receive a single solitary vote. 
I have faith in our institutions, but this election raises questions about how our country should handle future elections, especially where absentee and mail-in ballots are concerned. As Justice Kavanaugh noted in a recent opinion, states with Election Day Deadlines, “want to avoid the chaos and suspicions of impropriety that can ensue if thousands of absentee ballots flow in after election day and potentially flip the results of an election.” Justice Kavanaugh’s opinion ominously foreshadowed the position our nation finds itself in today. We should not be counting ballots for days or weeks following Election Day. All legal ballots that arrive by election day should be counted, those that arrive after should not be - plain and simple. Our nation has an Election DAY for a reason.
But, if nothing else, this election shows us that the Republican Party led by President Trump and made up of hardworking Americans is larger and more energetic than ever before.

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