Letter to the Editor

Morning folks. I have been watching the news sometimes and am really confused. No police? So what do we do without police? Now just about everybody has a gun or two or three. And some are fully automatic. Hell is just one trigger finger away and no police? Death all around everybody!
I think the protestors are being used by a small group of people who hate people. May not even like themselves? So all those protesters from all around the world and who is really to blame? Politician’s maybe?
Now I am a gun owner and my father taught me to shoot when I was very young. I had to shoot a rabbit with a bow to get a gun. It was a single shot bolt action .22. Then I bought a 410 single barrel, those shells cost a lot back then. Army in 1964 and I was already a sniper in basic training.  Then an M.P with a .45, and I could shoot left handed as well as right and then out in 1968. And then guns and more guns. James Bond I thought I was. But I do not like automatics. They misfire or jam. So a good revolver is my sidekick now. A .38 special five shot is light and easy to carry around. 
Now conceal carry is legal but a lot of people just carry something on their hips into stores and make me nervous. I try to smile but it is hard. But not funding our police force is the dumbest thing I have heard in my life. Organized crime will then have the upper hand. And that has happened before.
We can fix our police force by simply screening the people who want to become police people. Ask the right questions and not let those who have problems become police people.  Sure am glad I am old and retired and disabled.
Bud Marvin, Willow Springs

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