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Dear Editor;
Its interesting to read as people write in to attempt to excuse criminal acts; in this case 
“demonstrators” .  I don’t know what separates “demonstrators” from “rioters” nowadays.  Maybe “demonstrators” only burn down one or two buildings, whereas “rioters”  give a go at burning down several city blocks at a time.  It called to my mind a phrase from the 1st Amendment “the right of the people to peaceably assemble”. Amazing what one word can do to a sentence.
The “removal” of monuments might make a big impact if it was done legally. Remember South Carolina a few years ago ?  Of course it would help if those scholars pulling down the statues knew the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis; or the difference between Robert E. Lee, and Ulysses S. Grant.  The minor difference between slave owners and abolitionists is probably a difference so finite that it escaped the scholars’ keen minds.
But that failure to distinguish who’s who belies the true nature of the criminal activity. It’s not about deconstructing the unjust or removing symbols of tyranny.  It’s about tearing it all down no matter what the result. It is about infantile outbursts of anger by a population of people that demand immediate gratification. It is about anarchy and violence. It is about trying to destabilize the country prior to the introduction of Marxism.  These rioters are referred to by Stalin as “useful idiots”.  And as my father would say “that dog won’t hunt”.
And while on the topic of “getting it right” let’s get this slavery thing right.  A statement was recently made that “How part of our country built a slave based culture”.  Hold on partner!  I am happy that the author stated “our country”, so he takes ownership and that’s a good thing, because we are all in this together.  But letting the other “part” of the country off the hook in reference to slavery is contrary to the facts.  You can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own facts.
The slave trade was a triangle that began and ended in New York and New England, it was financed by money raised from people in the industrial north.  Slave ships departed the Northeast U.S. laden with rum and chains. They sailed to West Africa where rum was traded for slaves.  The slave laden ships sailed to the East Indies, and or southern U.S.; where slaves were traded for sugar and other goods.  The sugar was brought to the northeast U.S. where it was sold to make Rum. And the process repeats.  The slaves were used to cultivate southern cotton which was sold to northeastern U.S. sweatshop-child labor mills which produced cotton cloth sold to enrich the Northeast (Yankee) mill owners. 
It took a big chunk of the NATIONAL commerce system to facilitate the slave trade, and it was NOT just Southern Plantation owners who benefitted from slave labor. Everybody had a foot in the pigpen. 
And slavery was going to come to an end anyway. Find a copy of a book by Hinton Rowan Helper – “The impending Crisis of the South” 1856.  Helper lays out why slavery was on its way out, because it would no longer be economically feasible, and he has the numbers to back up his assertions.  Of course our Congress could have prevented hostilities by providing for “compensated emancipation” which was a road taken by several European countries prior to 1860; but killing a couple of million people seemed to do the trick.  Our 1860 Congress was soooo smart ! ( some things never change )
And please be advised that the “Emancipation Proclamation”  DID NOT FREE THE SLAVES.  Please; read the document. Please.  The 13th Amendment freed the slaves, the 14th Amendment made them U.S. Citizens, and the 15th Amendment gave them the right to Vote. Period.
So all this criminal activity going on under the guise of civil disobedience or protesting (the riots) is just a stalking horse for the Communists; who call themselves Socialists.  Just remember the Germans had National Socialists too.  The NSDAP – National Socialist German Workers Party – The Nazis.     Antifa and the BLM have replaced the KKK as the violent enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.
More useful idiots.
So, WE (US-TOGETHER) have some U.S. History, which needs to be corrected but hoodlums pulling down statues isn’t the way to do it.  Why don’t we begin by getting some school textbooks that tell the unvarnished truth about slavery ?   Why don’t we get rid of “summer break” –  folks we don’t need the children to help gather in the crops anymore.  Let’s use that time to teach them some U.S. History that’s worth something, so we don’t have to repeat it.
I’m just sayin………
VR Mike Walters / Mountain View

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