Letter to the Editor

Blessing Boxes
I would like to take this opportunity to send out a thank you from the residents of Sunshine Village to all those who have been involved in the blessing boxes we have been receiving each week. I’m not sure who all to thank and don’t want to leave anyone out. I know that the Westside Life Center, Crossway Church, First General Baptist and the First Baptist have been involved. Any others, please consider yourselves thanked also. Many thanks to Brandon and Bobbie Gregory for being so helpful when we need them.
These people who deliver to Sunshine Village each week have worked very hard. Those boxes are pretty heavy some weeks. There are times when we get more than what we need and I think everyone tries to make sure it goes to someone who can use it. I know that I have. I have also put some of it in the freezer for use this winter. Getting this produce and dairy has allowed us to have extra money to spend on meat and other groceries.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all of you for blessing us with these deliveries.
Diane F. Jeffery
Willow Springs

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