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Dear Editor,
I confess I never liked Donald Trump. I was astounded when he tried to convince us all, without evidence, that Obama was not born in this country.
I was disgusted when he disdained a genuine war hero, John McCain, for daring to be held as a prisoner of war for 5 years. McCain, a man who refused to use his connections to go home before his fellow prisoners, and who endured unspeakable torture,  was dismissed by a candidate who couldn't even tell you which of his own feet had  the "bone spurs" that allowed him to dodge the draft.
I was shocked when his poll numbers among Republicans went up after this. And they  hardly took a hit when he was revealed by his own words as a sexual predator," When you're famous you can do it".
I have disagreed with most of Donald Trumps policies over 4 years, but what has appalled me the most is his constant dishonesty and the people around him who go along with the lies and amplify them.
No lie seems too large or too small...Did he say Alabama would be hit in that hurricane? Just take a sharpie and remake the map. Wasn't his Inauguration crowd larger than Obama's? Just disregard the pictures, please.
His devoted followers got a reputation for always believing him in spite of all evidence. Did he claim the virus was under control? Great! No need to change any habits, then!
Did he pressure Ukraine's president to dig up dirt on Joe Biden? Well, so what? Put the transcript of that call in the CIA's secret locker and don't ever let it out.
Isn't it funny that there was so much voter fraud, but just in the swing states?  And just at the top of the ballot! Over 60 courts with mostly Republican judges threw out the voter fraud cases made by the President's team because they just didn't hold water. That includes the Supreme court. And even the Attorney General, William Barr,  who mostly acted like Trump's personal lawyer, said there was no fraud, before he jumped ship.
Four years of the put downs and smears of anyone who dared to disagree with him. Look at Mike Pence. His devoted Vice President stood by him through all the lies,  and in the end barely avoided a real lynching.
There is blood on the hands of Donald Trump.
And our own Senator Hawley will be remembered for encouraging the overturn of a free and fair election, in the service of Trump and his own political ambitions.
I wish the new Biden/Harris administration all the luck in the world in undoing the shameful legacy of these last four years.
T. Moore, Mountain View

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