Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
There is a general call for unity after the attempted coup at our nation's capitol. Creating unity needs to start with our Republican elected officials jointly signing a statement that renounces "the big lie." Instead we have a few Republican elected officials continuing to support the "big lie" that the presidential election was stolen.  The "big lie" is what drove the protestors to gather in front of President Trump as he called for them to be strong. Former President Trump has not confirmed the ascendence of President Biden to the presidency and has made statements to encourage his cult followers to continue to contest the election results. Some of Trump's followers have finally realized it was a "big lie," but there are many others who need to be encouraged to acknowledge the truth. A signed and widely distributed statement from Republican leaders would help in the effort to bring unity as we struggle to move forward as the new administration begins to revive America. 
James Vokac, Willow Springs, MO

Howell County News

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