Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor-
I'm writing about the Direct Support Crisis happening in our state.
I'm a mom of a son who receives developmental disability services from Easterseals Midwest. Right now, organizations like Easterseals are in a staffing crisis that only the Missouri General Assembly can solve by paying them rates that allow them to attract and retain staff.  
With the high turnover of Direct Support Professionals, we are concerned about giving our best care in the future when our son needs it. Strangers coming in and out of his life is not ideal and causes atypical stress, anxiety and regression in progress for my son. As our current provider, Easterseals is wonderful, kind, skilled, engaged, and knowledgeable. We would like to retain our provider over the long term and see the maximum possible progress. I fear future services for my son will not be there when needed because this workforce is overworked and underpaid.
I hope the Missouri General Assembly thinks of my son, my family, and the hard working Direct Support Professionals and finally solves the DSP Crisis this year by investing in developmental disability providers.
Cynthia Ramsey, Houston

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