Letter to the Editor:

This Letter is in response to a letter published 13 Oct. Mr. Vokac seems to think that nobody in this rural area has the ability to think. Not so , the politics of an atheist liberal college professor
probably don't fit the thinking of most people here in the Christian Conservative Midwest. All while calling Trump supporters "Unthinking Loyalists."
Let's talk about unthinking loyalists. Who in their thinking would elect a person who is very
obviously in the first stages of Alzheimer's??  Only some unthinking loyalist...
Let's talk now about political futures, Nancy Pelosi has been in the House for over 30 years . Worth over 30 billion. Charles Schumer same story. There are several like that who have become millionaires or billionaires while riding the gravy train of public service.
Our forefathers set up a government office where a person served then returned to their civilian occupation...not to BE A retirement.
In just a matter of 10 months this administration has made us AGAIN dependent on foreign oil, stopped any common sense immigration policy, allowed a flood of immigrants unvaccinated into the country all the while mandating vaccinations for all and destroying the medical field with the
mandates. Whatever happened to, “MY BODY, MY CHOICE ??” Guess that just
applies to murdering babies. The time to prevent or control pregnancy is to be responsible beforehand, not to look at abortion as a contraceptive. The Democrats think it’s fine to
MURDER a baby at birth.
How about being a RESPONSIBLE person ??? There are cases of incest and rape
that are beyond a person's control. However, abortion should never be used as
birth control.
CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Look up the difference. In 1787 during the Constitutional Convention citizens were gathered outside, Benjamin Franklin came out and a Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked ,"Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy" ?
Without hesitation Franklin answered , "A republic, if you can keep it."
Not a Democratic Republic, but a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Thousands have
fought and died for our freedoms . Stand up to this tyranny that is being pushed at every turn .
Ralph E. Alkire Sr., Willow Springs
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