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Comrade Vokac, with his Gnostic, elitist, intellect can read the hearts and minds of others with whom he disagrees and passes judgment upon them!  To Hell in a handbasket go the Deplorables with Mr. Vokac, marching in front, carrying the baton, showing them the way of their errors. Follow! You Trump Zombies, as you are doomed in your ignorance, so saith Comrade Vokac.
Give me a break from his self indulgent blather.
Trump’s administration and the experts moved Heaven and Earth to bring the vaccine to the masses. Do you really think his supporters reject the vaccine just because it came from his efforts?
Harris and Biden both threw “shade” on the vaccine while they were running for office. Maybe that can account for some of the hesitancy. Biden pointed out that many blacks are hesitant to get the vaccine due to their treatment in history. That has nothing to do with Trump.
Perhaps the wish-washy Dr. Fauci has played a part. First he said it was OK to go on a cruise ship if you were young and healthy back in 2020. He also said masks don’t work and then he reverses himself. We went from stay at home just long enough to flatten the curve to don’t come out until there is a vaccine. We were promised that if we got the vaccine all would return to normal to now there is no end in sight!  Boosters as far as the eyes can see.  
Women who are pregnant are not all comfortable with the vaccine, not knowing how the vaccine will affect their babies. (By the way, if babies, born or unborn, are not innocent then what are they guilty of?).
The hesitancy is not only members of the GOP.  Nor is it only the less educated. I’m hearing on the news many teachers, hospital workers, and other union members that just don’t like the tyranny of mandates. They just think they have the right to decide what is best for themselves and their loved ones.
Don’t be so smug in your opinions of others, Mr. Vokac. Their beliefs are just as valid as yours.  I know you desire to correct what you perceive as “wrong-headed thinking” but I am sure others think they are doing just fine without you.
Caprice Cybulski, Willow Springs, MO
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