Letter to the Editor:

This letter is in response to the October 19th letter from James Vokac.
Yes, let's talk about the Constitutional Rights.  You want to quote the 14th amendment about insurrection,  thats laughable!! Read the Definition of Inserruction...
First of all this Administration has ruined the country, IE. The highest inflation rate in years, the highest Fuel prices ever, BTW they would be higher if the imposter in the WH hadn't depleted the National Fuel Reserves.
The highest unemployment rate,  The Worst Economy,  ill stop there for now.
Even you should be able to see that the Socialist Democrats have been Destroying the Country.
Yes,  Fortunately we will be able to Vote Soon . Hopefully we'll have a Fair and just Election!! Thanks to the Democrats nothing has been done to insure Election Integrity, you are probably proud of that.
Absolutely true , We should consider the actions of our elected officials, THEY ARE NOT DOING THE WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE..
These are not Normal times for sure , We are looking at the Darkest days of this Country. Never in my 73 years have I observed the violence,  hatred and unwillingness to do what is Right..
And how about workers who won't work because its so easy for government handouts..
Last but Not Least Mr. Vokac, for a little History Lesson.
Our Forefathers gave Us A Constitutional Republic, And said if We Could Keep It..
I Urge the True American Patriots to Stand Up and Vote For Our Country, The Rights That are Not By Man, But The GOD Given Rights put Into The Constitution And Bill of Rights.
The Progressive Socialist Party Destroyed Venezuela in just a few years. The same ideology is Slowly But Effectively Destroying America.
Wake Up America, Get To The Polls And Vote For The Benifit  of Your Children and Grandchildren..
Thank You for Reading My Rant.
Ralph E. Alkire Sr., Willow Springs
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