Our American Democracy is in a Crisis!

I am writing this because I am very concern about our American Democracy. What happen on Jan. 6th 2021 at our nation's capital.
I saw this man on my TV, Yell out loud in our nation's capital hallway and said, we need more Patriots up here! When I heard that from that man I felt like someone ran a big Knife through my heart!
Real patriots don't kill men in blue for protecting our American Democracy! Real patriots don't damage our nation's capital / The people's house!
Real patriots don't try keep a person in office after this person gets voted out of office by " WE The People." All the lawmakers in the People's House were elected by "We The People"!
We may not like everyone in our nation's capital. Bottom Line, they were elected by "We the People." This is our American Democracy ! I am not writing this to upset anyone. We Americans must come together before we lose our American Democracy!
Wayne Jones, Mountain Grove
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