Sales Tax Town Hall Meeting Today

What is the 1/2 cent Parks and Recreation sales tax, and what does it mean for my community?
This tax will be voted on April 6, 2021 and will affect Mountain View's future.
This tax will be voted on April 6, 2021 and will affect Mountain View's future. A significant part of this will move money from Parks and Recreation and put it towards our city. The money that the Parks and Recreation is already receiving can be used to help fix the pool, Veterans Park and Wayside Park, tennis courts, golf course, and most importantly, beautifying the city. 
The tax will help raise 50% of the funds needed, allowing us to receive the grant to pay for the pool needs. The City Pool is currently leaking water and chemicals and is requiring a lot of work. Sheila VanAalsburg, the City Pool Manager, who has run the Mountain View City Pool for over 15 years, said that the 1/2 cent Parks and Recreation tax is much needed. The proposed tax will help rebuild the pool house, get a new fill system, replace the sand filters, and allow for a new liner, we will also add a stainless-steel gutter system so that will replace all the busted concrete and tiles around the pool and be our new fill system.  The breaking concrete has been an issue for years that we have tried to repair. That will keep our families safer. With the current leak, it is hard to regulate the chemicals, that is a cost that can be used elsewhere towards the pool. Sheila would like to add on to the kiddie pool area as well. The future of the pool is resting on this tax to pass.
With this, the city can help make donations around town to areas that benefit the city. The tax will also allow contributions to be made to the Senior Center, Library, Youth Center, Garden Club, Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce. The tax will also free up money that our Street Department can use to improve our streets. 
A town hall meeting to discuss the proposed tax will take place TONIGHT, March 29, at the Mountain View Community Center at 6:00 p.m.
Your vote 'Yes' for the 1/2 cent tax can help improve the City of Mountain View, MO. 
Thank you, Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Board

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