Standing With Israel

If there’s one thing that should unify this country, it’s support for our allies who have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us to confront terrorists who seek destruction over prosperity. Over the past few weeks, our closest ally in the Middle East – Israel – has been bombarded by nearly 3,500 rockets launched into their country by Hamas, a known terrorist group supported by Iran. This is a moment that requires our country to speak with one voice against Hamas and in defense of Israel’s basic right to exist.
Unfortunately, several far-left-wing Washington Democrats have blamed Israel for the violence. Inexplicably, some have gone so far as to slur Israel as being an “apartheid state” – essentially calling Israel racist. This is because Israel dares to fight back against an organization that claims “jihad is the only answer” for settling these disputes in its charter.  
Over the past several weeks, glaring hypocrisies have been exposed. After being subjected to rocket fire, Israel launched an offensive against Hamas-controlled assets. Israel was criticized by the mainstream media for destroying a Hamas building that also was an office for the Associated Press, but no one questioned why the Associated Press had its office located in a terrorist organization’s building. Israel receives criticism when its operations result in civilian casualties, but no one questions why Hamas brings civilians into its military locations.
The answer to me is obvious: unify behind America’s strongest and most important ally in the Middle East and against a group that uses innocent civilians and children as human shields. 
Many of those who are always quick to condemn any crime against a racial minority as a hate crime have been conspicuously silent about the attacks on innocent Jews in midtown-New York and Los Angeles, where they are being singled out and attacked, simply for being Jewish. While they slander Israel, they ignore the fact that Arab citizens of Israel enjoy the same rights and freedoms of anyone else living in Israel.
It’s hard to think that less than a year ago, in the middle of navigating a global pandemic, President Trump brokered the Abraham Accords – a new peace agreement that incentivized other states to normalize relations with Israel and forge new economic and security partnerships to meet the many challenges posed not only by Iran but also by China and Russia.
We need to get back to President Trump’s push for peace in the Middle East, possible only because President Trump insisted that peace was only achievable if other Middle Eastern nations recognized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. While President Biden has so far prevented these far-left-wing voices from changing America’s foreign policy with respect to Israel, I’m concerned that so many of President Biden’s advisors are the same ones who brokered the Iran nuclear deal and seem willing to make any concession in blind pursuit of an agreement.
It’s no secret that this administration is trying to pick up where President Obama left off with foreign policy and reinstate the failed Iran Nuclear Deal by any means necessary, even if it means throwing our allies under the bus. It’s a fact that Iran supplies weapons to Hamas and by empowering the rogue regime with bundles of money, it’s only a matter of time before Hamas has a new arsenal to carry out its stated goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Iran’s support for Hamas cannot simply be ignored. And as long as Hamas has power, there is no chance of peace.

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