Willow Springs Police Department

July 31
Kevin Bullock, Shelby, N.C., exceeded posted speed limit
Nolan C McPeck, Telford, Tenn., exceeded posted speed limit
August 1
Trevor Reece Roberts, Koshkonong, exceeded posted speed limit
Natasha Diane Melton, Willow Springs, failure to register vehicle
August 2
Darren Russell Fox, Mountain Grove, exceeded posted speed limit
August 4
Roby L Medwid, Willow Springs, exceeded posted speed limit
August 5
Linda S Miles, Birch Tree, driving the wrong direction
Clayton B Potter, Forsyth, exceeded posted speed limit
Ashley N Loucks, Mountain View, stop sign violation
Johnson Cody Burks, Mountain View, failure to register vehicle, unauthorized plates, tags, sticker, and failure to maintain financial responsibility
Calls for Service
July 31
The police department responded to an alarm at the Town and Country.  The rear roll up door alarm on the north side of the building had been activated.  The responding officer did not find any issues in the area.  
An individual called to report animals being kept in unsuitable living conditions.  Animal Control put the individual in contact with the Howell County Sheriff’s Office because the location was outside city limits.
A woman attempted to gain entry to the Willow Care Nursing Home, and was asked to leave.  The woman refused, and the police department was contacted.  When the responding officer arrived, the woman left. Willow Care requested an extra patrol.  
A man called to report a disturbance, but officers were unable to contact the reporting individual.  
A man called to request extra patrols in his area because he believed his vehicle had been accessed and rummaged through, though nothing appeared to be missing. 
August 1
Police assistance was requested while an eviction notice was served.  
A man called to report his roommate took his vehicle and did not return it.  Officers responded to his location and upon arrival, the man reported that his roommate was bringing the vehicle back. 
A man reported a possible burglary at a residence on N. Center St.  The man stated he believed a former resident had unlawfully entered.  
August 2
An individual called the police department to report property damage. The individual stated that a Trump flag had been damaged, and the suspects were on video.  A copy of the video was sent to the police department.
The police department responded to the report of a prowler at a residence on Hill St.  Officers checked the area, and no one was found.  
August 3
The police department responded to a domestic disturbance.  A man was placed under arrest and transported to Howell County jail. 
The police department responded to an attempted burglary.  The suspected man fled the area and police officers found the man and arrested him.  
A police officer was dispatched to check on a vehicle on a westbound ramp on U.S. Highway 60.  The officer spoke with the vehicle occupants, and they stated help was already on the way. 
August 4
A police officer performed a wellbeing check on a semi-truck in the area of S. Center St. and W. Fisco St.  
August 5
A woman worried about her juvenile daughter called the police department.  She stated her daughter may have been threatened by her daughter’s father.  The officer spoke with the daughter and mother.  The daughter stated that she did not want to go back to her father’s house.  All parties live outside of city limits in the county, and the mother will file a report with the Howell County Sheriff’s Office.
A man flagged down a police officer at the four way stop to report a juvenile girl had been caught on his camera system destroying a Trump flag.  He saw the girl walking down the street and called her over.  The officer spoke with the girl and she admitted to destroying the flag.  She gave the officer her parent’s phone number, and they came to take the girl home.  
The police department responded to a report of an individual driving fast on the road when a family was outside playing close to the road.  The responding officer observed the vehicle driving fast and stopped the vehicle.  The teenage driver apologized to the reporting party and stated he would not drive fast on the road again. 
An officer on patrol observed a car alarm going off in a parking lot.  The keyholder was contacted and came to turn off the alarm.  The vehicle owner stated everything was fine.

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