Board approves MSU-WP tuition, fees for next academic year

The Missouri State University Board of Governors Executive Committee approved increases in tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year at Missouri State University-West Plains (MSU-WP) during its meeting on April 19 in Springfield.
Basic tuition for in-state students will go up $8, from $141 to $149 per credit hour, a 6% increase. Out-of-state students will pay $298 per credit hour in basic tuition for FY2024. This is a $16 increase over last year's $282 per credit hour rate.   
"We always look at the impact our tuition and fee decisions make on our students, and this year was no exception," Chancellor Dennis Lancaster said. "Unfortunately, we've all seen how inflationary pressures have affected and continue to affect our pocketbooks in a variety of areas. The university has seen increases in many of those very same areas, so adjustments are needed to keep the level of our operations as close to status quo as possible.
"Fortunately, state support has helped us to keep this year's increases to students below the annual inflation rate. And it would be remiss of me to not note how much private gifts help us pay for part or, in most cases, in whole all of the 'extras' that students want and that we use to help make the college experience the best it can be without using tuition and fees to make those a reality," he added.
Lancaster noted that increased expenses for the campus include office and custodial supplies, utilities, campus-wide insurance and personnel costs.
Other fee increases  
• Online course fees will go from $171 to $179 per credit hour.
• The Common Fee, which covers a variety of student and administrative focused activities, will go from $24 per credit hour to $34 per credit hour. University officials explained the increase would be used to create a counseling center to provide mental health support services to students and to cover increasing costs of computer and technology needs for students.
• Fees for in-person seated nursing classes will go from $187 to $194 per credit hour for Missouri residents and from $374 to $388 for out-of-state students. Online nursing classes will be $201 for Missouri students and $402 for out-of-state students.
University officials explained the decision to set separate fees for seated and online nursing classes is due to the growth of the online nursing program.
"As the online nursing program has grown, we have had several students from out of the area and out of state apply to the program," said Dr. Michael Orf, vice chancellor of academic affairs. "These students require additional clinical sites and instructors since they are outside our region. While this is exciting, it requires additional funding to support."
New housing fees  
Students living in the Grizzly House will see a 2% fee increase this year. They will pay a total of $6,626 to live in the residence hall for the fall and spring semesters. Last year, they paid $6,500.  
Students living in the Grizzly Lofts will pay the same residence hall rate as last year – $7,000 total for both semesters.
Fees for both residence halls include a 19-meal-per-week plan.
Fees for high school students
Area high school students who participate in dual credit or dual enrollment programs through MSU-WP will not see increases in their fees this year. The dual credit fee will remain at $70 per credit hour, and the dual enrollment fee will stay at $88 per credit hour.
For more information about tuition and student fees, contact the Missouri State-West Plains business office at 417-255-7260.    
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