R-IV school addresses rumors

In a statement published Thursday afternoon, Willow Springs Superintendent Dr. Marty Spence addressed rumors that have been circulating about restroom accommodations for certain students. 
The rumors alleged that the school was providing transgender bathrooms and litter boxes for students who identify as “furries,” or anthropomorphic animals. 
“Our Willow Springs R-IV stakeholders may be confused about a false message/accusation that has resurfaced this week and is gaining traction in the social media realm,” began Dr. Spence. “Research will show you that this rumor has made its way around the country for months now. There appears to be concern over the use of transgender bathrooms and litter boxes on campus. Let me be clear in this communication. There is no truth whatsoever to this false statement/accusation. There have never been litter boxes or transgender bathrooms within Willow Springs R-IV Schools.
“We have two one-stall bathrooms that are available to any student,” clarified Spence.
In the statement, Spence asked for the community’s confidence in the school board’s stewardship of the district. 
“It is disappointing that it’s become necessary to communicate this message to you. In this divisive/contentious world in which we currently find ourselves, I ask that if you hear wild accusations that don’t sound like something in which your Willow Springs R-IV Board of Education, Administration, or District would be part of, please take a moment to contact the school directly. The public servants that lead our buildings have the same values and morals as our tremendous community. Willow Springs Schools’ main emphasis was, is, and always will be to educate our community’s children with excellence, integrity, and respect.”
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