Summer projects getting finished at W.S. Schools

The Willow Springs School Board heard updates about summer projects during its July 1 meeting. A lot of work has been completed around the campus and more work is continuing, including work on the former Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) building, athletics fields, and school buildings.
Superintendent Dr. Marty Spence gave updates on the projects completed so far this summer, beginning with the preschool playground. The gravel has been removed at the preschool playground and has been replaced with rubber surfacing. Dr. Spence next spoke about the high school roof. Locals may have noticed a crane over the high school building and work is hopefully to be completed by mid-July. The work on the B building roof is set for summer 2025. Once that project is finished, this should be the last major roofing project for at least a decade, according to the superintendent.
Another big change that has come is the installation of a sliding gate in front of the Hicks House. This will stop parking in front of the middle school and allow safer student foot traffic during school hours. There will be more information released from the school on how this will change traffic near the school buildings in the near future. The board learned that cracks in the parking lot are planned to be sealed prior to the start of the fall semester.
Opportunity Hall is the name of the former MoDOT building and upgrades to the building are underway. The building is projected to be completed by the start of school in August. A new shop door has been installed on the ground floor. The upstairs have had the most significant changes so far, with new walls being installed and the walls in the student commons area being painted “FFA Blue”, according to Dr. Spence. Other projects that have been completed include light and camera poles in the student parking lot, improved lighting in the middle school, backflows at the football field and leaks at Palenske Field have been fixed. HUDL sports cameras have been installed at Palenske and Munford. These cameras will offer better video during sporting events.
The district will be going with Amplified Communications for communications and marketing services this fall. Former Communications Director Jenny Hayward has left the district's employ, and the school will be going with this company moving forward. 
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