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Fuel Marketing Corporation receives grants

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced last week that USDA Rural Development has awarded Fuel Marketing Corporation of Willow Springs an $87,614 grant to enhance biodiesel infrastructure. 
USDA is investing $26 million in 23 states through the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) to build infrastructure to help expand the availability of higher-blend renewable fuels by approximately 822 million gallons per year. The funding will help significantly increase the use of biofuels derived from U.S. agricultural products and prioritize climate-smart solutions that will help rural America build back better. The grant was available to retail locations, along with fuel distributors such as Fuel Marketing. The company has a 50 percent match for the $175,228 project involved in the grant program. 
Additionally, Fuel Marketing received two additional HBIIP companion grants at the state level. The company received Biofuel Infrastructure Program grants from Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority, as well as the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council/Missouri Soybean Association. Each organization awarded approximately $12,797 to go toward the company match for the Missouri portion of the federal grant.
“Fuel Marketing Corporation is pleased to be a part of this project alongside the USDA and Missouri Soybean Association,” said Erik Montgomery, president. “It is with great honor that we name those in our company who made this possible: Mr. Shane Lee and Mrs. Sherry Venneman spent countless hours working on this, along with Mr. Scott Grant, Mr. Dave Peters, and Ms. Kim Rich. All worked together to ensure our company is moving toward continued improvement for us and our customers.  We look forward to the future of biofuels in the Midwest and are proud to support the biodiesel industry.”
Grant monies received from USDA Rural Development, MASBDA, and the Missouri Soybean Association, combined with company funds, will upgrade systems for biodiesel distribution through master software at Fuel Marketing headquarters in Willow Springs and associated systems at biodiesel terminals in Tulsa and Springfield. 
These upgrades will enhance ease of use and efficiency for throughput customers, paving the way for increased volume through reduced manpower and other associated costs. Fuel Marketing Corporation will benefit through manpower savings, with the ability to move more product more effectively.
Fuel Marketing Corporation is a wholesale marketer with a wide array of refined petroleum products, including ethanol and biodiesel. Under exclusive agreements, the company has been marketing and distributing alternative fuels for more than 30 years. This project seeks to further the company’s goal to be an industry leader with products and services that provide value to its customers. Fuel Marketing operates three B99 biodiesel throughput facilities, including the two in this project, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Springfield, Missouri. The company believes the grant funding will enable it to increase throughput volume at its biodiesel terminals, with the potential for additional savings and product flow in the future. 
Along with its sister companies Coastal Energy and FMC Transport, Fuel Marketing has a mission to be environmentally protective, socially responsible, and economically progressive while creating a lasting legacy. The company is committed to developing long-term relationships with its customers that make a positive difference for both parties, seeking to develop and transport the best products for today’s applications while maintaining rigorous standards of quality.
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