Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in West Plains

On March 25, the Greater West Plains Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a member’s mixer for The Farmer’s Wife, a medical marijuana dispensary set to open this April in West Plains. Though Missouri voters passed a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana statewide in November 2018, implementation of the groundbreaking new law has been slow to come. More than two years later, the first dispensary will open in Howell County. 
The Farmer’s Wife, located on Mitchell Dr., will officially open on April 19. The owners are a team of individuals who say they are thrilled to bring the benefits of medical marijuana to the area. 
“It’s been a long time coming for cannabis in Missouri, but it truly can help so many people,” said one of the owners, David Brodsky, “In states that have medicinal cannabis, you see a downturn in opiod use and opioid overdoses and deaths...If I could identify any one thing, that’s something I know we could have a big effect on.” 
Brodksy reported that he and his team have had a very warm welcome in West Plains from the Chamber of Commerce and from other business owners as well. 
The store has a boutique atmosphere with an open interior concept and lighted glass cases offering accessories sourced from Kaleidoscope in Springfield.  
Before coming into the store, potential customers will need to be in possession of a medical marijuana patient card. The Farmer’s Wife is teamed up with Dr. Lisa Roark in Cassville, a physician the owners recommend to anyone with questions about the process of obtaining a patient card. 
Interested or curious parties may visit the store without a patient card, but of course, cannot purchase any products. 
For more information, see the dispensary’s website at

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