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Bear Loose in Eagle Country

A young bear paid a visit to Mountain View on Friday. At approximately 8:00 p.m., Corporal Trenton Roberts of the Mountain View Police Department was called to a home on West Fifth St. immediately behind Signal for a report of a bear sighting. 
“At first I didn’t think it could really be a bear,” Cpl. Roberts told Howell County News, “but we got there, and there he was – the homeowner’s dog had him treed.”
In cooperation with the Department of Conservation, the police facilitated the bear’s exit from town.
“It’s about educating the bears that town is not where they want to be,” Cpl. Roberts said. “This was more than likely a two-year-old bear trying to figure out how to be a bear. According to Conservation, it’s a regular occurrence. But this was the first one of those calls for me. To say the least, it was an unexpected adventure.”
The animal did not pose a threat to public safety or damage any property. 
According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri is home to a flourishing and growing population of black bears, which can range color from black to brown to gold. There is no other species of bear in Missouri. 
It is important to keep bears wild because the animals can pose a danger to humans if they learn to associate populated areas with a food source. 
“Keep trash secured. Keep small animals put up. If you do see one, give us a call,” Cpl. Roberts advised. 
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