Chaney Gets Probation

Dustin Chaney, 38, of Willow Springs has been sentenced to three years’ supervised probation on a five-year prison sentence for drug charges and a string of burglaries at the senior housing in Willow Springs. 
Judge Steven Privette accepted a guilty plea of second degree burglary and drug possession charges on August 16 as a disposition to all pending charges against Chaney in Howell County. The defendant has been at liberty since posting bond in March. 
Howell County News reported this winter that Chaney was a suspect in the burglaries that occurred between January 16 and 19 at the senior housing complex. He was identified using surveillance footage and property left at the scene that contained identifying information. 
He was arrested on January 23, 2021 by Howell County Sheriff’s deputies while in the company of a suspect in an unrelated matter. The drug charge had been pending since January 2020.
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