City Administrator: “Very Concerned” with Winter Energy Prices

Utility bills are going to be higher this winter, confirms Willow Springs City Administrator Beverly Hicks. The triple threat of high demand, crippled supply, and the lingering payoff for last February’s astronomical charges mean Willow Springs utility customers can expect to see higher charges for electricity this winter. 
Willow Springs is not alone in this conundrum. Other local cities, like Mountain View, also purchase electricity through Missouri Public Utility Alliance (MPUA). 
At the City Council meeting on November 18, Hicks said the natural gas prices and futures she is seeing for this winter are “astonishing.”
“I’m very concerned about what our numbers are going to look like,” Hicks told the City Council. The 2022 City budget has been adjusted to hopefully absorb some of the higher energy costs, but “We understand there will be issues with residents who will struggle to pay their utility bills,” she concluded.
The City plans to publish additional energy saving tips and contact information for utility assistance. 
How to find with utility bills
In this region, the first step is to contact Ozarks Action, Inc. for assistance applying to LIHEAP and LIHWAP, said Hicks. Contact Ozarks Action at 417-256-6147 or Willow Springs City Hall at 417-469-2107 for more information. 
Free ideas to lower energy bills:
-Set your thermostat at 68 degrees
-Wear layers of extra clothing or use blankets inside
-Don’t block vents or radiators with rugs or furniture
-Take 5-minute showers instead of baths
-Run washers, dryers, and dishwashers only when you have a full load
-Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible
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