Kyla and Zabrina White, Rhett Sewell, and Zoey Johnson with a vehicle decorated in memory of Zach White of the Class of 2020. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Valedictorian Bryce Friga, in orange, shares a “Dumb and Dumber”-themed UTV with Brody McKee. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Kole Wood drives the 956 Ford 600 tractor he refinished for his senior project. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Claryse Vanderbilt and Ambrielle Soward hitch a ride in the bucket of a John Deere. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)Cadee Rothermich and Emily Scarborough are all smiles in the Class of 2020 parade. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)The Willow Springs Fire Department lit up the parade with lights and sirens. Fire Chief Donald Worley waives to the crowd. (photo credit: Amanda Mendez)

Class of 2020 Parade on Senior Weekend

The Willow Springs High School Class of 2020 gathered in one place on June 12 for the first time since March 13 to practice their graduation ceremony.
Immediately after the practice, seniors and their loved ones filed through downtown Willow Springs in a parade of honking horns, blaring music, and squealing tires. Family and community members lined the streets to cheer on this year’s seniors who kicked off their senior weekend with a parade. 
Police Chief Bryan Hogan led the parade, and School Resource Officer Glen Moore brought up the rear. Trucks from the Willow Springs Fire Department lent some flash to the occasion, but otherwise, the parade featured only the seniors and their festively decorated cars, trucks, hillbilly swimming pools, tractors, and UTVs.

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