Commission hears audio, oil bids

The Howell County Commission heard bids for an upgrade to the courthouse audio systems, approved a bid on oil products, approved a private cemetery, and made a change to the county road project Howell County News reported on last week. 
The commission received two bids for an upgrade to the audio systems for one courtroom in the Howell County Courthouse. The upgrade would include multiple microphones, speakers, and a control system. The first bid came from Audio Acoustics in Springfield, Missouri. This bid had two offers, one for a wireless system and one for a wired system. The wired system bid was for $17,755. The wireless system was for $24,100. The second bid came from Electronic Office Systems and included options for two rooms and video options. The bids for the room in question were at $27,000 with a video option for $25,000. The commission spoke on the phone with Circuit Clerk Cynthia Lee regarding the bids, and it was decided to table the discussion to June 3 when Lee could be in person to discuss the bids at length. 
The commission only received one bid for road oil products, and that was from Coastal Energy. The bid gave per-gallon prices for six products: MC250 for $2.89, MC800 for $2.78, MC3000 for $2.69, CRS2 for $2.21, CRS2B for $2.54, and MC800 for $2.89 with pickup in Willow Springs. Northern Commissioner Wood noted these prices are about what they were in 2023. The representative from Coastal Energy said the prices were about ten cents (per gallon) cheaper than last year. The bid was approved unanimously. 
The commission received a request for designating a private family cemetery. The cemetery, named Withering Pines, will be located on County Road 6800 and was requested by Gladys Morris. This cemetery will be for family members only, as per Missouri Statute 214.090. This allows any person desiring a family burial ground up to one acre of land for this purpose. The land will then be held in perpetuity as burial grounds, or cemeteries, for the use and benefit of the family and descendants of the person. The commissioners unanimously approved the request. 
Regarding the Base One project reported on by Howell County News last week, the county commission has decided to try the project on a different county road. Commissioner Sexton noted the road initially picked, 1770, was far too busy for the attempt. The commission has instead decided to apply the product to county road 6310 between State Route AB and US 160. The process will take three days and, at the time of publication, is expected to begin June 12. 
The Howell County Commissioners are Presiding Commissioner Ralph Riggs, Northern Commissioner Calvin Wood, and Southern Commissioner Billy Sexton. The commission meets in regular session on Mondays and Thursdays, from 10 am to 3:30 pm. The meetings remain open during the lunch hour and are open to the public. Contact the commissioners' chamber by phone at (417) 256-3872.
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