Counterfeit Currency in West Plains

The West Plains Police Department announced last week that they have been responding to several calls of counterfeit currency. With the holiday season approaching, it is likely more counterfeit money will be circulated according to the United States Secret Service, reads the release. 
The United States Secret Service reported in 2018, $103.4 million dollars was passed in counterfeit currency. The Secret Service also stated 2018 saw a 120% increase of counterfeit bills with Chinese markings and 25% increase in motion picture bills. 
Some tips from the for the public to identify possible counterfeit money is:
   -Take a quick glance at cash when you receive it from any retail establishment or individual.
   -Feel the cash in your fingers. Counterfeit money will often had a different feel than real money
   -Look for Chinese characters or foreign writing on the front and back of the note.
   -Look for the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” or “Replica” written on the note.
If you suspect you have been given a counterfeit bill, contact your local law enforcement agency.

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