Delivery Service Opens in Willow Springs

A delivery and taxi service opened business in Willow Springs last week. Car Tender, owned and operated by Michael Mill, offers delivery of all types in the Willow Springs area, as well daily opportunities for grocery deliveries from West Plains to Willow. 
Car Tender is currently operating in the Willow Springs area only, and their coverage area extends beyond city limits. Car Tender drivers submit to a background check, carry the appropriate license, and all have a Class E license. 
Mill sat down with Howell County News last week to explain how the business works. Calls for deliveries work best if the client has already placed and paid for their order at the restaurant, store, or feed store, he said. Then, the Car Tender driver simply picks up the goods and takes them where they need to go. 
In-town delivery and taxi rates are $8, and Mill says no order is too small and no ride is too short. Car Tender has a partnership with Pizza Americana. Delivery orders from that establishment receive a $2 discount on the delivery fee. Orders and taxi rides outside of town have a delivery fee of $8 plus $1.50 per mile.Discounts are also available for EMS and law enforcement personnel, senior citizens, and teachers. Customers are encouraged to call 417-252-4645
for details for specific pricing. 
“We’re not trying to gouge people. We’re trying to help,” Mill said.

Howell County News

110 W. Main St.,
Willow Springs, MO 65793

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