Election Results

The General Election took place across America on November 4. With tight races and unexpected battleground states, national media outlets were not prepared to project a winner in the presidential election until Saturday, November 7. Sources like Reuters and the Associated Press projected Democrat Joe Biden to be the President-elect after Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes tipped blue. At press time, President Donald Trump’s campaign has pending lawsuits that challenge the outcome of the Pennsylvania count and dispute the count in Georgia, according to Time. The electors of the Electoral College will officially vote on December 14, not to project, but to legally determine the next president.
Missouri’s ten electoral votes will be cast for Trump. According to the Missouri Secretary of State, Trump received 56.826% of the popular vote in the state, and Biden received 41.257%.  
Election Results
Constitutional Amendments
Amendment One failed with a statewide vote of 51.974% against and 48.026% for, according to the Missouri Secretary of State. 
Amendment Three passed by as narrow a margin with 51.017% for and 48.983% against. 
Missouri Statewide Offices
Incumbent Governor Mike Parson was elected for his first full term. He received 57.171% of the vote over Democrat Nicole Galloway’s 40.587%. 
Republican Mike Kehoe was elected as Lieutenant Governor with a lead of 58.483%. Republican Jay Ashcroft was reelected Secretary of State with a lead of 60.591% of the vote. Republican Scott Fitzpatrick was elected State Treasurer with 600,000 more votes than challenger Vicki Lorenz Englund. Finally, incumbent Attorney General Eric Schmitt was reelected. 
United States Congress
Jason Smith chalked a handy victory over challenging Democrat Kathy Ellis with 76.863% of the vote. 
Missouri Senate
Republican Karla Eslinger received 83.813% of the vote over Democrat Tammy Harty’s 16.187% share. Eslinger will return to Jefferson City as a Senator. She was previously the Representative for Missouri’s 155th District.  
Missouri House of Representatives
Bennie Cook will head to the state house as a freshman legislator after running unopposed for the 142nd district seat formerly held by Rep. Robert Ross. 
Rep. David Evans ran unopposed as well and was reelected to his seat in the 154th district. 
Travis Smith took 84% of the vote over Democrat Mike Lind’s 15.185%.
Missouri Courts
Supreme Court Judge Patricia Breckenridge and Southern District Appeals Court Judge Gary Lynch were both retained by wide margins. 
Howell County Commissioners
Calvin Wood and Billy Sexton both ran unopposed in the general election. Wood was elected Northern Commissioner, and Sexton was reelected Southern Commissioner. 
Howell County Sheriff
Brent Campbell was unopposed in the general election, and is officially the Sheriff-elect. 
Howell County Assessor
Daniel Franks was unopposed and secured 99% of the vote. 
Howell County Coroner
Tim Cherry was reelected Coroner. 
Howell County Surveyor
Ralph Riggs was reelected County Surveyor. 
Howell County Public Administrator
John Pruett was reelected as Public Administrator.
by Amanda Mendez, publisher


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