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Fire Destroys Home Outside Willow Springs

A fire in an outbuilding at a property on County Road 5790 spread to a nearby trailer house on County Road 5790. The Willow Springs Fire Department mobilized at approximately 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Eleven Point, Pomona, Pumpkin Center, Howell Rural, and Mountain View fire departments also responded to the scene with tankers for water support.
The homes nearby were occupied, but the residents inside escaped without injury. The cause of the fire is considered to be accidental. 
“When I arrived on scene, the big garage was fully engulfed and looked like it had been for some time. The roof was partially collapsed, and the fire had spread to the back of the mobile home and was moving quickly,” Willow Springs Fire Chief told Howell County News.
The homeowner, Blake Browne, expressed the “deepest gratitude for these men and women who sacrificed their time and [risked] their lives to ensure our safety.”
Fire Chief Farmer personally ran into the house when he arrived and realized Browne was inside.
“When I got out of my truck, I could see everyone from the family except for Blake,” he said, “I asked where he was, and his wife said he was in the house heading towards his bedroom. That part of the house had fire and smoke billowing through it, so I quickly ran inside yelling for him.
Thankfully he was in the hallway coming towards me. We grabbed all the photos and whatever possessions we could and was tossing them outside until I told him it was no longer safe to be inside.The fire trucks showed up moments later.”
Though the first responders were able to extinguish the blaze, both the garage and one residence were a total loss. There were no injuries among the residents or firefighters.
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