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Friendly Wager Ups the Ante

Howell County News hosted Drench ‘Em for a Good Cause at the 2021 Bear City Festival to benefit Bears for a Better Christmas. Three local fire chiefs volunteered to sit in the water machine and get drenched: Vance Farmer at Willow Springs Fire Department, Adam Webb at Tyrone, and Frank Vanhorn at Eleven Point. Vanhorn challenged the other two to a friendly fundraising competition. Before the booth even opened, advance donations had raised over $700. By the end of the day, the three chiefs' efforts raised a total of $1,915 for Bears for a Better Christmas, more than triple the estimated amount the newspaper expected to give. 
Howell County News is very grateful to the three chiefs and all the other volunteers who were willing to get drenched (and cold!) to raise money for a program that helps so many local children at Christmas time. Let’s do it again next year!
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