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Good Samaritan Care Clinic to Close

Following a tremendous history of providing patient assistance in over 36,000 clinical visits, the board of directors of Good Samaritan Care Clinic in Mountain View made the difficult decision, based upon multiple factors, to close the free health clinic by the end of 2021.  Since it was chartered in 2003, the safety-net clinic’s primary goal was to improve access to care for hundreds of uninsured, low-income patients in rural, South-Central Missouri by providing free medical and dental services for patients from approximately 30 Missouri and Arkansas counties.  As a volunteer-powered organization, donors partnered with the GSCC board, staff, and medical and lay volunteers to assist thousands of underserved patients over the past 17 and a half years.  The clinic’s board is grateful for the recent expansion of Missouri Medicaid which should qualify probably 70% of GSCC’s current patients for insurance coverage through MO HealthNet.
In order to give GSCC’s patients ample opportunity and time to apply for free or low-cost health insurance through MO HealthNet, the clinic will continue to provide medical and dental services, including visits with a medical provider, laboratory testing, prescription refills, diabetic supplies, and a limited number of dental appointments through the middle of November 2021.  Current patients are encouraged to contact GSCC at 417-934-6500 to make an appointment or coordinate a copy or transfer of medical/dental records.  Good Samaritan Care Clinic is also prepared to provide assistance to patients who need help with or have questions about applying for MO HealthNet.
The clinic’s Board of Directors and staff would like to extend its deepest appreciation to hundreds of volunteers who have contributed hours and hours of volunteer service and excellent medical and dental expertise to Good Samaritan Care Clinic.   They came together for a common cause and shared values, and through their efforts GSCC was able to make an impact in the lives of many people in South Central Missouri.
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