Mountain View Community Betterment Reformed

Mountain View Community Betterment Inc. (MVCBI) held their first meeting in years Wednesday evening. The last amendment recorded for MVCBI with the Secretary of State was August 12, 1997, as read during the meeting. Leader Lawanda “Cricket” Anderson expressed she was motivated to reinstate Mountain View Community Betterment Inc. in hopes of getting the everyone involved in revitalizing the town. 
After opening prayer, new members of the Board of Directors were voted into place: President Cricket Anderson, Vice President Lucinda Burton, Treasure Andrea McNew, Secretary Gretchen Creighton. 
Voted in Wednesday to fill three of four board member positions were Karen Gaddy, Karen Weiss, and Kathy Crow. After speaking with Simmons Bank, President Anderson explained, preexisting members Daniel Woolsey, Jack Spencer, and Ronnie Webb would have to be removed from the account. Karen Gaddy made first motion to remove past members, all were in favor. 
In a follow-up statement, Anderson explained that MVCBI is in its final stages of being reinstated with the Secretary of State. Moving forward, MVCBI will be able to apply for various nonprofit grants to complete projects around the city. These grants will help enable the restoration of downtown, along with cleaning up and restoring old houses that have been abandoned around the city. 
“This is for everyone, not just certain people. It is not the government, city, or state that is telling us what to do. It is the citizens of Mountain View,” Anderson emphasized. “I would love to see Mountain View grow into what it used to be.” 
The Mountain View Community Betterment Inc. can be found on Facebook and Instagram. MVCBI strongly encourages all to get involved in the improvement and restoration of Mountain View. 
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