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MUNCH ups security

‘We plan to prosecute’
MUNCH (Missourians United to Combat Hunger) is a food pantry and thrift store in Willow Springs that feeds 1,500 people every month. To finance their efforts, MUNCH also operates the thrift store. Donations to the thrift store attract thieves who pick through the donations for the best items and scatter the rest around, said Board Member Larry Simon. 
“But people donate it to us so we can finance the service,” Simon said. 
MUNCH also has problems with theft inside. Volunteers find thieves with merchandise stuffed into coats or purses and price tags switched. 
“We want to protect what’s donated and stop the thievery,” Simon said. “Cameras are now installed inside and out. We plan to prosecute.”
In addition to prosecution, violators also will be banned from MUNCH.
Nearly a dozen cameras are now in place around the thrift store and on the porches outside to deter theft. 
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