New board's first special meeting in Mtn. View

An hour-long closed session kicked off the newly reorganized board of aldermen’s first special meeting on April 16. The city cited legal and hiring/firing/promoting/disciplining exceptions to justify the closed session. No action or vote was discussed regarding the closed session after returning to open session. The draft minutes of this meeting, released Friday, did not note a vote from the closed session. 
Mayor Charry McCann amended agenda items for the open session, and it proceeded. The board reviewed the contract for DNR lead service line inventory. During the last meeting, it was discussed that the grant was around $120,000 short of the initial $320,000 bid. Operations Manager Eddie Owens explained that the city would use a back truck instead of digging to offset that cost. Doing so could save time and potential damages.
"It digs and sucks out dirt at the same time so it's less evasive," he said.
Alderwoman Judi Colter asked when the contract was initially voted on, and it was explained that the vote took place around the first of the year. A motion was made to continue with the contract by Alderman Bauer, seconded by Alderman Perry and after a brief discussion of costs and comparisons the board voted all-in-favor.
Regarding the confirmation of supervisors hired, the board discussed the hiring of Sabrina Cornman as Library Director and David Ripko as Street Department Supervisor. Alderwoman Colter questioned whether the board should have put the positions in the newspaper. "If it wasn't done by protocol and I say yes, then I am okaying something that wasn't done right," she said. A motion to table this issue for further review was made by Alderwoman Colter, seconded by Alderman Bauer. When asked for a vote, Alderman Bauer-aye, Alderwoman Colter-aye, Alderman Perry-nay.
According to City Ordinances 1.130 Promotion Polices - "All vacancies occurring in the service of the City shall, whenever possible, be filled by promotion of a qualified employee within the City service. However, the Mayor may authorize the recruitment of applicants from outside the City service whenever they have reason to believe that better qualified applicants are available than within the City service."
Cornman would be a new hire for the city of Mountain View, whereas Ripko has worked for the city for approximately seventeen years.
In other new business agenda items:
- Mayor McCann made an announcement that the board would participate in mandatory Sunshine Law training to be held at city hall on April 23 at 11:00 a.m. The training will be conducted by Jay Turner with the Missouri Attorney General's office.
- The board approved bid specs to be sought for five microphones, three to be placed where the board sits, one for the table where the city attorney sits, one for the table where the city clerk sits and one at the podium. The board approved getting bids for these with a motion from Alderman Bauer, seconded by Alderman Perry with an all-in-favor from the board.
- An ordinance for Appointment for Operations Manager was briefly discussed as the board found a discrepancy in the wording. This item was tabled until the May 14 meeting by a motion from Alderwoman Colter, seconded by Alderman Bauer with an all-in-favor from the board.
- Affirm Appointment of City Attorney and Municipal Judge was approved by a motion from Alderwoman Colter, seconded by Alderman Perry with an all-in-favor from the board. Deedra Nicholson will retain her position as City Attorney, and Judge William Hass will retain his position as the Municipal Judge.
Amended Agenda Items:
- An update on the Oak Street Project was heard regarding the dump truck incident and no water for parts of Oak Street while the lines are being flushed. Steve Bubanovich from HR Quadri gave a brief update that "They are working as diligently as possible to comply with state statutes and city codes and work is progressing."
- Mayor McCann explained that for Sunshine Law requests and requests for items to be added to the agenda will now go through a new email address -
Before adjournment, Mayor McCann announced a work session with members of the board. The date has yet to be set and will be posted when decided. The meeting was adjourned with a motion from Alderman Bauer, seconded by Alderman Perry with an all-in-favor from the board.
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