Ozarks Action, Inc. Board Passes Employee Vaccine Mandate

A board member has resigned after a narrow vote that passed a mandate requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all Ozarks Action, Inc. employees, confirms Executive Director Terry Sanders. 
Sanders explained that the board vote was prompted by the announcements made by President Joe Biden on September 9. Ozarks Action is an employer of more than 100 people and is subject to the federal mandate. Additionally, the main office of Head Start, a national program, released a letter that implemented the mandatory vaccine policy “within 30 minutes of the end of the speech,” Sanders said. 
“The board was opposed, but if we want [federal] funding, we have to comply,” Sanders said. 
The measure passed by one vote. 
“The board came to the conclusion that we have to pass it or lose the $6 mil that we invest into the region, but they wanted to send a message that they don’t agree,” he concluded. 
Ozarks Action, Inc. serves six local counties: Howell, Texas, Douglas, Ozark, Oregon, and Wright. Brad Loveless is a Douglas County Commissioner and served as a representative of Douglas County on the board. He published an open letter regarding his resignation. That letter can be found on page 2 of this edition. 
The mandate is in effect at Ozarks Action, but Sanders said the board of directors is sending a letter to the main office of Head Start to reconsider their position.
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